Aaron Russo Supported Ron Paul


Aaron Russo, a famous patriot and successful Hollywood and business figure died last week. In his famous film, “America: Freedom to Fascism” he spoke out against the police state in America and the reducing of our rights and liberties. Interestingly enough, he also promoted Ron Paul. In fact, he was one of the first to support Ron Paul’s bid for White House appointment.

Gary Franchi, the RTR National Director, recently sent this in an email:

“Now you may be saying to your self… why would I vote for Ron Paul, after all he’s a “Republican”…


At the end of Aaron’s movie he made it quite clear, “Stop being good Democrats, stop being good Republicans, and start being good Americans”.

The message is simple, but can you transcend the parties and vote for a man based on his message alone?

The two party system is merely an illusion set up to divide us. And Ron Paul’s message is clearly not a message passed down from party headquarters, his message is passed up from “We The People”.

As part of the ongoing push to get Ron Paul elected President of our Republic this is my request: register to vote as a “Republican” if you have not done so already. Rise above the divisive labels and take a stand for a man and his message. Please register to vote, and when you do make sure you tell them why. Tell them you’re registering to vote because of Ron Paul.”

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