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Life in the Global Gulag


I’ve learned three important things recently.

1. “Don’t do what you think. Think about what you’re doing.”

Impulsive behavior is not well thought out and can get your hurt.

2. “Think before you make a mistake. Not after you make a mistake.”

Life is a series of mistakes leading to an eventual conclusion. Try doing a few things right.

3. “The biggest mistake in the human experience is thinking that you are all that matters.”

Stop looking through only your own eyes. See things from others’ perspective too.

We all want success, fame and fortune, happiness, only good things and no bad things, and in a perfect world, we’d get all that. But this is reality. So do the best you can, and preferably not by hurting others. Remember, God has put us on this planet for a reason greater than collecting possessions until we’re dead.