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New Digital Enhancement Of Amateur Plane Crash Site Footage (w/English Subtitles) In Smolensk


This digitally enhanced video does a good job at showing the activity on the ground minutes after the crash at the presidential plane crash site in Poland. Audio translated by a collaborative Facebook effort of Russian, Polish and English native speakers. The revelations are stunning.

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Please Support A Patriot In Need!



From The Mouth Of The ‘Yoti Himself: In November of 2007, my wife lost her job as a paralegal with a local law firm. Her job had paid quite well and had good medical benefits… however, the medical coverage could not be carried over. This is important later in the story. I have been an antique firearms specialist and gunsmith by avocation, most of my life. I have a gunsmithing shop with lathe, milling machine, drill presses, and the like that I have built up over the years.  I do restoration work for reenactors, collectors, and other folks who just have an heirloom they want restored. Over the years I’ve built a small but steady clientele. So while my wife was busily searching the area for comparable employment, within 50 miles or so from our home, my work kept the wolf at bay.  She was having very little luck however, and could only find a couple of low paying service jobs. So… she took employment at the local Borders bookstore, until something more promising could be found. During this time work began to slow down for me as well, and it required that we dip into our savings each month to stay afloat. Finally, in April 2008 she received an answer to one of her web searches for a paralegal job. Unfortunately this job was located in the southwestern part of State over 250 miles from our home. The pay and the job itself seemed promising, so we all hopped in the car for a four-day week-end and went down to check it out. There was no way this would be a commuting job, so we looked for a small studio rental where she could stay during the week, and then come home on the weekends. This was the trip where we found our "dog", Duke… which is another story. In any case she took the job, it paid only 70% of what she had been making, but that was much more than the book store.  We couldn’t find a small rental however, it is a college town, so you can imagine. The only things available were high priced houses.  She decided to stay in a local motel instead until something more suitable came available. So now we were paying not only for our house, but $1000 a month for a motel room 250 miles away. This job lasted until the last week of June 2008 when her new boss decided that he didn’t need a paralegal after all, but she could stay on as a secretary at reduced pay. Well… On the 10th of July my wife was back home to stay, once again looking for employment in her field, yet looking in other fields as well, and this time much closer to home. At this point, it had been seven months of searching, and the last two months cost us much more than her job "away" had brought in. On the morning of July 15th I awakened to an incredible pain in my right thigh, like an ice pick had been driven in… I was also having intermittent painful breathing in my left lung, my wife and daughter dressed quickly, helped me to the car, and rushed me to the emergency room at the county hospital, which is about 5 miles from our home. The folks at the hospital wheeled me into the ER asking questions, while poking and prodding, taking vitals and drawing blood, all within 2 minutes. Then I was wheeled into radiology where they quickly performed an ultrasound of my right leg to check my veins and arteries…then wheeled me back to my ER birth where I had to wait for the results of the things they had done. To make a long story short, I had a complete blockage, a blood clot in my peripheral femoral vein that ran from my ankle to my upper thigh. They put my leg into a very stout nylon prosthetic stocking…  from my groin to my toe’s… it was like squeezing my leg into a bicycle inner tube! This pressured my entire leg compressing the vein around the clot so it wouldn’t move any further up my leg and get loose in my pulmonary. Then they immediately injected blood thinners… while telling me how lucky I was I didn’t wait one more day. I was watched closely for a week, injected twice a day with heparin, along with 5 mg of Coumadin orally. They were monitoring my blood for any further signs of small clots breaking off, that were the cause of my chest pains, and labored breathing. I was found to have an Anti-Thombin 3 deficiency. During the time I was there, my wife got to know several of the doctors and nurses, and it seems that the Hospital Foundation was looking for a person of her qualifications. August first she started her new job at the hospital. Unfortunately, insurance benefits wouldn’t start for 60 days. Once I returned home, I was to remain on my back with the foot of the bed elevated 9 inches. I had to inject myself twice a day with heparin at $90 a pop for 45 days, until the Coumadin finally got my blood PT to 2.5 or above. My dosage leveled off at 12.5 mg per day and I could discontinue the injections. All the while, our Daughter was my nurse, and with me constantly. Needless to say by the time the new insurance was validated on 1 October, we had racked up quite a medical bill… almost $30,000! This all but decimated our savings, and all we had left was about $4000 and 10 ounces of gold… since I was no longer working, and the hospital job only paid about half of what my wife had originally been making as a paralegal, that $12,000 wasn’t going to last very long. By 1 November I was able to get up and around a little to work… but it was still touch and go. By January 1 we were totally out of money. My wife’s monthly take-home wouldn’t even cover the mortgage, we attempted to make partial payments but the bank would not accept it. This is when we put the house up for sale. We attempted to refinance by extending to 40 years on our equity, and maybe take advantage of some of the bail out/stimulus money… what a farce that was! In any case it’s been almost a year since my medical fiasco… and I am back to working about 60%… enough to cover the groceries and most of the household expenses. You all know the story about the false DEA raid on May 28th, but you do not know the events surrounding, and leading up to it, the reasons why the Century 21 Realty "task force" were in our home, and why we have been trying to sell our house, even though we don’t want to, in the first place. Anyway… that is why the Century 21 guys were in our house. I was told yesterday by our Realtor that our home is going to auction in one week unless we can come up with the back payments, plus all of the accrued costs, including attorney, filing, foreclosure, and other fees by noon Monday June 15th… that’s tomorrow. The amount we have to come up with is over $25,000. What happens Friday, is someone will steal it at auction. My Realtor also informed me that the state legislature just passed a law that made the 75 day "time to vacate" period, at the new owners discretion. I have been busy catching up on as much of my work as possible while my machines are still operable. If the new owner says we have to be out NOW… my God it will take a week just to dismantle and crate the machines! We were banking on that 75 days. We have been looking for a place to move… but have found nothing to rent, at least nothing we can afford. Our storage unit is full. So we have nowhere to put anything until my wife gets paid on Friday so we can rent a unit large enough for a machine shop as well as the rest of our belongings. The Realtor who called the cops on us in the first place, will be at the auction Friday… and we must be there as well… I’m taking my camcorder. Any prayers you guys can lend, are greatly appreciated… JTCoyoté

* * *

If your state recently passed a State Sovereignty Resolution, chances are it was because of the work of JTCoyoté.   Now he and his family are facing the loss of their home.   You can learn about their situation at the links below: Patriot losing his home

Patriot falsely raided by DEA as they prepare to steal his home

YouTube clip of JT being interviewed by Alex Jones about the DEA raid (part 1)

YouTube clip of JT being interviewed by Alex Jones about the DEA raid (part 2)

Read about JT’s work on the States’ Sovereignty issue by clicking HERE.

YouTube clip of JT being interviewed by Alex Jones about Sovereignty Resolutions (part 1 of 4 — links to other parts on right side of page)

Learn more about JT and how his friends are trying to help him by navigating here on the Prison Planet Forum.

JT & family rescue Duke the Coyoté

JT’s home is his base for patriot work as well as his place of business.  His family will lose the house on July 24th unless we can stop it, so please contribute.  You can donate through PayPal or ChipIn.  JT’s PayPal account is in his wife’s name, and the email for the account is yotis

You can also contact JT at regarding other ways to donate.

Bank Demand                            $ 29,874.00

Collected (as of 8-7-09)            $  7,541.80

—————- Amount Needed  $ 22,332.20 Share The Wealth Give till it hurts, guys and gals. We’re in Orwell’s technocracy right now, and the door of opportunity for change is open. JTCoyoté is doing his part on the forum. It’s time for us to stick it to the New World Order and pledge eternal vengeance against corruption, tyranny and morally bankrupt leaders! Support JT and the money bomb– resistance is victory! WE WILL PREVAIL!!

Save A Patriot's Den!

How to Protect Yourself From Biological Warfare


If you’ve been listening to The Alex Jones Show lately, you may have heard of the Illuminati plan to unleash biological warfare on the world. Well, the operation is apparently about to go live in the near future. It’s important that you are prepared for this time, because millions, perhaps billions of people will die in ignorance. So before they come for you under Martial Law, get ready.


Thankfully, some researchers have been ahead of the game looking for ways to counteract bio-warfare. I’ll give you a few tips, and then a specific application against a common bio-weapon, bird flu. Rather than using dangerous vaccines, you may want to try at it with more natural preventative/curative methods.

Basic Shopping List

1. Masks: You can buy hygienic masks hopefully in your pharmacy, otherwise head to a supply store or larger department store, like Wal-Mart (preferably not them, though). You’ll need a mask both to protect yourself from germs and coughing, as well as to protect others in case you get infected. While you’re at it, you may want to invest in a more advanced gas mask, to protect yourself from chemical weapons as well (and more virulent biological attacks).

2. Immune System Boosters: There are a ton of items you can pick up at a health food store, pharmacy or grocery store.A handful of the top items (some of which show efficacy against the worst diseases) are oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, other oil extracts, grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar, wasabi, raw garlic/onions or garlic extract, ginger tea and kimchi (useful against SARS).

Scientists at Seoul National University found that when they fed an extract of kimchi to 13 chickens infected with the bird flu, 11 of them recovered within a week. These same scientists previously proved that the lactic acid bacteria found in kimchi also has an anti-bacterial effect.

Oil of oregano is probably the most researched and effective  preventative and curative treatment. The more virulent the disease, the more you must take. Please note, children and babies are sensitive to some of these herbal treatments, and an alternate method is suggested for them. To treat them, rub oil of oregano mixed with unrefined coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil directly into their feet.

3. Vitamin C: normal and mega-doses as necessary. For information on Vitamin C megadosing, please consult the Vitamin C Foundation for medical studies, and instructions. Vitamin A and Zinc at regular dose work in tandem with Vitamin C to assist the immune system.

4. Natural vitamins: You’ll want your multivitamins, as well as individual supplements, including minerals, antioxidants, bioflavanoids, vegetable/fruit extracts, super-foods and amino acids, especially N-Acetycysteine.

Things you need (minus the chicken)

Things you need (minus the chicken)

5. Electromedical devices: Buy yourself a zapper, preferably The Ultimate Zapper, a top-rated device that is approved in Canada for medical use against virii, bacteria, parasites, prions, and fungi. Use it every day for maintenance, and in longer doses when infected. Also look into getting a <a title=”Colloidal Silver Generator (Korean brand)” href=”–2931130_3509626.html (make sure to not add salt as some do, it can cause unwanted side effects like bluish toning of the melanin), or even some higher-tech equipment like a RIFE device.

6. Herbal treatments: consult your Chinese or local herbalist for information on any concoctions that can be used to fight the flu or boost your immune system. Also consult and for home remedies using spices and herbs.

7. Stop eating questionable meat, especially chicken. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Below is a recipe for those who are experiencing bird flu-like symptoms. It’s been proven effective for many who’ve tried it.


The Ultimate Bird Flu Remedy

All Natural Spices and Ingredients:

4 heaping tablespoons tumeric
2 heaping tablespoons cayenne pepper
2 heaping tablespoons dried/powdered garlic
2 heaping tablespoons powdered ginger
2 heaping tablespoons powdered cloves
1 cup lemon juice (or cider vinegar)
1 cup honey
1 cup dark rum
4 cinnamon sticks
2 heaping tablespoons black pepper
2 heaping tablespoon horseradish
1 heaping tablespoon each of marjoram, thyme and oregano.

Bring all ingredients to a boil, then simmer for 2 hours in a large saucepan. Stir regularly (Don’t worry, all of the alcohol in rum will boil off). FYI: Dark rum minus the alcohol has molasses and brown sugar. Then sweeten mixture with as much honey a necessary to make draught tolerable. Mixture will be full of lumps…keep them…just add them in…cool and store in well-sealed jars, like mayonnaise or peanut butter jars. Keep at room temperature.

Adults: 2 Tbsp in a cup of tea every 4-6 hours, daily… until well.

12–16: 1 Tbsp in a cup of tea every 4-6 hours, daily… until well.

Under 12: take 1 tsp mix in a cup of tea as hot as can stand every 6-8 hours until well.

Be prepared, and have some ingredients on hand. Print this recipe so that you have it available (especially in the event of a cyber-attack or prolonged power outage).

Obama And The New World Order


A Hoax We can't Believe In

A Hoax We Can't Believe In

With less than 24 hours away from destiny, we are now faced with a specter of uncertainty the likes of which has never quite yet been seen in American or international politics.

Tickets to Obama’s inaugaration are being scalped at the exorbitant rate of $20,000$40,000. But will this be an event that can meet the hype? Who is this one-term state senator, Barack Obama, or as some would refer to him, Barry Saetoro?

Certainly there is much controversy surrounding him, even his citizenship. I’ve sifted through dozens of articles regarding this, and have weighed the evidence carefully. It does beg the question: Is Barack Obama a natural-born Kenyan?

Let’s take a closer look:


What The Obama Campaign Has Shown Us

Real Certificate of Live Birth In Hawaii

An Actual Hawaii COLB (Certificate of Live Birth)

Can you see the difference? There are several key issues with the document that has been used to “prove” that Obama is a natural born American (Or should I say, asserted, by an Obama campaign spokesman) Here are a few:

It is not an original birth certificate.

It is a certificate of live birth (COLB) which was issued some time afterward, and is no more than an affidavit. Hawaii has long allowed this practice when births were in fact in other countries. The only verification done by Hawaii is that there was a birth, and it was live. That’s not the issue, however. The real issue is where he was born. Obama had the original document sealed, and that’s why everyone is saying he has not provided proof of his citizenship, which is correct. Americans must provide their birth certificate when they join the service, get married, apply for a driver’s license, and get their first job. Why is the president-elect immune from this law?

Other key evidences here that this is not an original document are the “OHSM 1.1 (Rev 11/01) LASER” footnote on the bottom left margin, signifying the a laser copy (document version 1.1) made by the Office of Health Systems Management in November 2001. This implies there was an earlier document.  But there is something more subtle — a stamp on the reverse side, inked through the paper backwards. If you flip it horizontally and enlarge it, you get this:

Looking More Closely, We Can See Some More Useful Information
Looking More Closely, We Can See Some Interesting Information

This stamped date would likely be the date of a requested copy. So basically, this is a copy (2006) of a copy (2001) of an affidavit (date?) of a possibly valid original. Sound complicated? It gets worse…much worse…

A Certification of Live birth is nothing more than stating, not proving you were born, it does not prove your citizenship status or anything else.”

At least according to the Direct of Records in Hawaii, writes Dewey Kidd, an independent journalist., with well over 100 million views, has been following the attempts of concerned citizens trying to stop what could very well be the illegal election of Barack Obama to the United States presidency. And yet, at least twenty federal lawsuits have so far been stonewalled by the Supreme Court’s decision regarding this issue.

The reality of the fact is, Obama needs to show proper proof of citizenship if he is to be the president. It’s a basic fact. Whether or not the courts rule in his favor is a side issue.

One official explanation is that Barack Hussein Obama / Barry Saetoro was born in Kenya. After he was born, his mother took him to Hawaii where his birth was registered in August, 1961, at the Hawaiian public record office.

Two sides of the official story states that Obama was born in either Kapiolani Medical Center or The Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii. At least, according to his sister. She can’t seem to keep her story straight.

Obama’s Kenyan grandmother has stated that Obama was born in Kenya, with glee, as he represents the Kenyan people. This was documented in WorldNetDaily reporter Jerome Corsi’s  new book, “Obama Nation.” The Magna Cum Laude, Harvard Alum Dr. Corsi was prevented from getting the proper documentation from the Kenyan government, and detained, to the point that a bribe was paid so that he could be released.


Obama Nation


Obama's Grandmother


Ambassador Peter Ogego

Another key testimony was given from a highly regarded source:

Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogego proclaimed Obama was born in Kenya and that the location of his birth is “already an attraction,” and that a monument might be built there by the government. There’s audio and video proof of this (although YouTube was quick to censor it), as well as a document on the Kenyan government website restating this assertion.

We still haven’t see the full divorce decree of Obama’s parents, and until then, we cannot confirm information through that, but apparently it was released. There’s a cover-up going on about this information as we speak.

But let’s look at the documents we do have. Obama‘s child school registration papers from Indonesia, the world’s most populated Muslim nation – showing him listed as a “Muslim” with “Indonesian” citizenship. In school, he was registered with the name Barry Saetoro, and his classmates referred to him by that name. An AP photo confirms this information. He’s clearly a Muslim, and a Christian group is even suing to reveal this fact. Dr. Cass, being quoted on this fact:

“How many of the two billion Christians in the world when asked ‘Who is Jesus?’ would get the answer wrong?  How many couldn’t define sin as explained rather succinctly in the Bible?  How many have no idea what heaven has promised in Holy Scripture?  This guy is checking the box ‘Christian’ on an application form without any idea what he’s talking about.  Unfortunately, the application he’s filling out is to be the president of the United States.”

Youth Brigade Pledges Allegiance To Obama

Why are these discrepancies about Obama important, other than the fact that Obama is not legally eligible for the presidency? Well, when you consider the fact that teachers are creating youth brigades and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is proclaiming Obama “the Messiah,” it is a big deal. It’s important to know that no government leader in world history has received this much hype, this much promotion, even more than Castro, Mao Tse-tung, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler…all the fascist and communist dictators combined couldn’t beat the gusto of the Obama movement.

Obama Youth Brigade March in Formation

It’s gotten to the point that Obama has the fascists fleecing the fashion industry too, with a deceptive cloak. Hip-hop stores are selling custom Obama-wear: hats, shoes, t-shirts, anything with bling and bright colors. Obama is the new style. Obama is the hope, the change, the future. But what is he in fact?

He’s a Council on Foreign Relations member in charge of deceiving the American sheeple, and convincing them that he knows what’s best for them, and that the American electoral system still plays fair.  He’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the jackal in the henhouse, waiting and poised to pass through bill after bill stripping America away of its resources, its rights and its very soul itself. Talk about misrepresentation!

Goodbye America, and we welcome our destiny: Barry Saetoro, the president who dares to lie about even his own name.

* * *

Ron Paul And The Freedom Movement


Bible Facts


Interesting and rarely known facts about the Bible, presented in popup video format.

Stars Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, from a live concert performance.

FEMA CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders


Source: Friends of Liberty

Soldier on guard at active FEMA campThere over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general’s signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached. Ask yourself if you really want to be on Ashcroft’s list.


Canada Is A Police State


On 911, a group of people in Toronto made a sign demonstrating against false-flag terrorism. A bicycle cop pulled up beside them and asked them to protest on the other street. He said that they didn’t have a right to have the sign in public without a permit. Clearly, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows for that, under this section:


2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.

After they went across the street, they continued to be harassed by police officers and were told, “Canada is the most free country in the world.” That is a total lie and a great deception. Canadians are enslaved by the same oligopoly that has bought out America’s media and political representatives. Watch the video here to see how Canadians are slaves.