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Update – Newsdemon / Usenet / Giganews


I can no longer recommend Newsdemon as a Usenet provider of choice. They have been dishonest with their free trial offer, and have even ignored support emails for over two months!

Instead, I can recommend Giganews, which has a history of quality service and a decent deal on bandwidth.

Here is a modification of my original post:

A lot of you reading this blog are fans of the Alex Jones Show. I know it’s hard to download the latest show in a timely fashion. It’s easier just to listen live.

That is, unless you have newsgroups.

The Usenet is an Internet protocol that gives you access to all sorts of download and discussions. Take for example They have free, legal postings of the Alex Jones Show (he authorizes free distribution online). And its posted up BEFORE the podcast, before the torrents are up, and so on. Some Usenet providers offer free trial promotions. Definitely check it out if you’re sick of listening to the regular feed with commercials…the usenet has a TON of stuff to offer, and radio shows is definitely their forte. I’m impressed with what they have to offer. Many people have used what it has to offer well before even the advent of the World Wide Web.